1. Empowers

Rural and underprivileged communities through educational experiences in world-class opportunities in dance.

2. Inspires

South Dakota communities with the opportunity to experience world-class art like never before.

3. Educates

Children, state-wide using dance as a platform to communicate skills necessary to become successful as they inherit our future. 

4. Connects

Communities in ways they might have never imagined.

5. Benefits

The South Dakota economy by building tourism, providing employment opportunities, and retaining our young population.

6. Heals

Children who have suffered abuse so they can reclaim their confidence and heal through dance.

7. Provides

Healthy activity to promote overall well-being for children.

8. Encourages

South Dakota up-and-coming artists to pursue their dreams in their home state.

9. Uplifts

The caliber of art available to South Dakota communities. 

10. Catalyzes

A movement of innovation and creativity among South Dakota communities.

11. Changes

The way the world views arts and culture in South Dakota.

12. Enhances

The quality of life for current and future residents of South Dakota.