South Dakota Ballet is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that relies on corporate support, individual contributions, foundational support, and grants to fulfill our mission in the state of South Dakota.


South Dakota Ballet is currently seeking corporate support to produce our 2023 season which will include performances & community events in Sioux Falls as well as our very first TOUR to Rapid City.

The 2023 season will include several world premiere creations, dozens of the country’s leading professional dancers, several community outreach events, & a world-class summer training program accessible to our local talent led by the professional dancers of South Dakota Ballet.

Corporate sponsors are eligible to receive a variety of benefits including an exclusive in-studio rehearsal experience, a cocktail party on the evening of dress rehearsal and marketing privileges in our playbill.
South Dakota Ballet is bringing the best in ballet right to Sioux Falls. These artists will leave you inspired & deeply moved by their athleticism & grace.

The 2023 season is bigger & better than ever. We hope you will support us by becoming one of our Inaugural Sponsors & attending our enriching performances.

To request our corporate sponsorship tiers please email us at


South Dakota Ballet is currently seeking corporate support for our educational outreach program known as South Dakota Ballet BEYOND [BEYOND the city…BEYOND the stage…BEYOND our limits!] 

This program is designed to bring world-class encounters with dance to schools in rural areas of South Dakota. When we visit a school, we begin with an educational assembly to inspire the children and get everyone involved. Children smile and cheer as one of our professional or pre-professional dancers performs famous choreography in an elaborate, handmade costume. The children celebrate and show excitement as we bring student volunteers out from the audience to try challenging steps from ballet! This is a volunteer activity and does not cost the school or local art council funding. 

After the assembly, we are capable of following up with a workshop tailored to the school that is hosting us. Workshops range from a 1-hour class to a 4-day series with a world-class instructor such as South Dakota Ballet founder, Madeleine Scott. The 4-day series concludes with a performance by the participants for parents, guardians, and teachers.

At a South Dakota Ballet BEYOND workshop, students have the opportunity to learn various styles of dance including ballet, hip hop, jazz, funk, and break dancing! Our workshops do not have a limit as to how many children can participate to maximize the use of resources. This is a chance for children to experience world-class dance without the commitment of a family’s valuable time and funds. No experience is necessary as we want all of the students we can get to attend. The more the merrier!

A 4-day workshop is the most valuable option for children and schools but costs South Dakota Ballet $800 to put on.   Funding is the primary reason that schools cannot bring programs like this to their students. We wish for dance to be accessible to everyone, everywhere. Please help us fulfill our mission.

If you wish to support our outreach programming please make a contribution today.

To request more information on sponsoring a workshop for South Dakota Ballet BEYOND please email us at



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