Summer Intensive

2024 Dates:
June 17th-June 22 | Sioux Falls, SD
(Generously hosted at Champion Legacy)


South Dakota Ballet is proud to present the fourth annual Summer Intensive led by instructors from some of the most acclaimed professional dance companies in the world. This program is made possible by Myles & Lisa Beacom, & Angela Nieman of Champion Legacy. 

Participants in this pre-professional training program will receive the most high-level professional dance instruction available in the region as well as the opportunity to perform the opening piece of the 2024 October gala performances in Sioux Falls & Brookings alongside professional dancers from around the world. 

Dancers ages 10-25 years old are encouraged to apply. Participants are invited to perform in all 3 locations in October 2024, but performing is not required

The South Dakota Ballet Summer Intensive is limited to 45 dancers to ensure a quality experience. 


Dancers interested in the 2024 Summer Intensive must audition to gain entry into the program. There is no fee to audition. The deadline to apply is April 15, 2024. Applicants can expect results within one week of submitting their applications. We will be accepting applications until the deadline or until the program has reached capacity. 

Audition Application:

Traineeships & Apprenticeships:

Trainee Program: Dancers ages 12+ are invited to apply to be considered for our hybrid trainee program based on their technical levels in both classical ballet & contemporary dance, their maturity levels, their ability to focus in classes & rehearsals, as well as their level of dance experience overall. A trainee is considered the gateway into most professional dance companies. A trainee position allows serious dancers to have a more high-level experience by attending company rehearsals with the professional dancers as understudies for the October gala performances. Rehearsals will take place virtually starting in July 2024 until the professional dancers gather in-person at the end of September. Trainees will be selected & announced at the Summer Intensive by June 21st. 

Apprenticeships: Dancers ages 16+ will be invited to apply to be considered for an apprenticeship based on their technical abilities in both classical ballet & contemporary dance, as well as their level of dance experience overall. South Dakota Ballet is looking for apprentices with the following attributes: 

-Dancers who are quick to apply technical corrections 

-Dancers who quickly pick up choreography 

-Dancers who retain choreography & technical notes from day-to-day 

-Dancers who are versatile in both classical ballet & contemporary dance 

-Dancers who exude excitement & willingness to take risk in the studio 

-Dancers who display mature & respectful behavior at all times 

An apprentice is considered the entry-level position within most professional dance companies. This position allows experienced dancers to participate in all company classes & rehearsals with professional dancers in preparation for the gala performances. 

Apprentices will be performing in the gala(s) location(s) of their choice as part of the company in addition to their performance in the Gala’s opening piece danced with their peers of the summer intensive. Apprentices will be invited to be a part of 1 or 2 professional company pieces that will premiere in the 2024 Gala performances. 

This apprenticeship is an opportunity for pre-professional dancers to interact with artistic staff & choreographers looking to get to know dancers for future employment opportunities. Apprentices will be selected based on their performance in the 2024 summer intensive classes & announced by June 21st. Apprentices should be prepared to rehearse via zoom for 1-1.5 hours weekly starting in July. Dates & times TBD.

Apprentices will work together with artistic director, Madeleine Scott, to create a sustainable virtual rehearsal schedule. 

2024 Gala Rehearsal & Performance Dates:

As the organization has grown significantly over the past 5 years, the demands of our programming has also found the need to undergo adaptations. At this time, South Dakota Ballet has decided to host the gala performances in the month of October, rather than at the conclusion of the summer intensive in June. We hope that this new format will encourage the following: 

-For our students to immerse themselves in the technical aspect of our training program without the stress & demand of a performance 

-For our professional dancers/instructors to be completely focused on the growth of our students without the distraction & pressure of a performance 

-To extend our mentorship capacity beyond the short time frame of the summer intensive 

-To expand our audience-base by hosting the shows at a different time of year 

Summer Intensive dancers who wish to perform in our fall Gala performance(s) are required to attend the 2024 Summer Intensive in Sioux Falls June 17-June 22, at which the dancers will learn the choreography for the fall performances & gain the technique necessary to perform the steps. Dancers are invited to perform in 1 gala or multiple gala locations. Performing in the gala(s) is HIGHLY encouraged, but not required. 

Tentative In-Person Gala Rehearsal Times: *Exact times and locations for all rehearsals will be sent out at least 2 months prior to the performances. Attendance to all rehearsals is REQUIRED to perform. Dancers will be supplied with video records to review their choreography between the conclusion of the 2024 Summer Intensive & the start of in-person rehearsals in the fall 

Sioux Falls 

Monday, October 7th (4pm-9pm apprentices in-studio) 

Tuesday, October 8th  (4pm-9pm apprentices in-studio) 

Wednesday, October 9th (4pm-9pm apprentices in-studio)

Thursday, October 10th (4pm-9pm apprentices in-studio)

Friday, October 11th (4pm-9:30pm apprentices at theater *apprentices who are available all day please plan to be at the Washington Pavilion from 10:30am-9:30pm)

Saturday, October 12th Call Time at Washington Pavilion 5:15pm (intensive dancers), Rehearsal on stage 5:30pm-7:30pm.

Sunday, October 13th Call time at Washington Pavilion 12:45pm (intensive dancers), rehearsal on stage 1:15pm-2:15pm. Performance at 3:00pm.


Thursday, October 17 | 10:30am-9:30pm | Apprentices at Oscar Larson Performing Arts Center

Friday, October 18 Call time 6:00 pm | Intensive Dancers

Rehearsal 6:30pm-8:00pm on stage at the Oscar Larson Performing Arts Center

Saturday, October 19 Call Time 5:15pm | Intensive Dancers

Rehearsal on stage at the Oscar Larson Performing Arts Center 5:45pm-6:45pm Performance 7:30pm. 

Tuition & Fees:

Early Bird- Summer Intensive Tuition $670.95 ($630 tuition + $40.95 tax) DUE APRIL 30th 

Summer Intensive Tuition: $883.95 ($830 + $53.95 tax) DUE MAY 15

Gala Performer Rehearsal Fee: DUE May 15

1 Location: Rehearsal tuition- $213 ($200 + $13 tax) total 

2 Locations: Rehearsal tuition- $319.50 ($300 + $19.50) total 

Should your dancer wish to perform in the gala(s), they will be escorted to the balcony of the theater to enjoy the work of the professional dancers immediately after they perform– ticket included in rehearsal fee!


April 30- Early Bird Summer Intensive Tuition 

May 15- Full Price tuition, Merchandise Order Forms, All waivers & Gala Fees due